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Discover your Purpose and
Identity for better Performance at work and in life. 


I help entrepreneurs deploy purpose driven business ideas that align to community needs without sacrificing self or core values.

Worked with clients such as:

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New and aspiring


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Hey Fam,

I'm Amy P. McIntosh

Corporate Designer, Entrepreneur, & CEO of Live2Create Foundation Network, Inc. I work with everyday brands like Coca Cola and The Home Depot to launch new programs and services. I use my decade and a half of corporate expertise to help new and aspiring entrepreneurs launch their businesses from scratch. Having a secure foundation is key to successful operations. I'm passionate about seeing others succeed in life and in business. 


Launch That Idea Fam

Don't wait any longer. It's time to launch that business you've always dreamed of!

Getting started is easier than you think. Don't. hold yourself back because you think you don't have what it takes or what you need. Work with a professional, like myself, to help you start and launch successfully. One size does not always fit all, but there are some pretty basic essentials I've collected over time to thrive along the journey. All corporations are applying what I am prepared to teach you. I'm here to help you identify, simplify, and launch your ideal business to perform better at work and in life.

How I can help?

The real solution

I'll help you determine a plan from beginning to end using my identity development framework to motivate and encourage you to get off the ground, stand up, and operate quickly; attracting the outcomes you desire and initial return on investment.

Everything starts with identity. It's the very essence of how and why something is recognized and understood. My method will help you establish an unshakeable foundation in preparation for a sustainable future.


My experience working with Amy was on a project that had gone down a bit of a bumpy road. Amy joined the project half way through, and immediately gained the trust and respect of the client and members of the team, and quickly turned into the leader of the project. Amy is passionate about her work, and is one of the best instructional designers out there. She is an incredible listener, and will give you honest feedback. She truly cares about the success of those around her, is an incredible team player, and an even better person. I struggle to find enough positive words about Amy. If you have the opportunity to work with her, she will not disappoint!


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