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(The work)

I've had many opportunities to work with industry fortune 500 organizations to launch products from inception to implementation. Below are a few case studies describing projects I've successfully implemented.


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01 - The Home Depot

Emotional Intelligence

The client wanted to introduce sales associates to emotional intelligence. After gathering real-life experiences from the associates, I worked with the client to produce a scenario-based learning solution.

02 - Emory University

PreEP Training

This client wanted to educate high risk HIV young adults on taking the PReP pill. Because the topic was heavy and sensitive, we immersed the learner into an interactive read-along PDF, sharing detailed medical information in a concise and engaging way.

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03 - AgFirst Farm Credit Bank

Account Access

This client wanted to simulate quick to-dos inside its banking software for banking managers. I turned what was a knowledge base dump into an interactive watch it, try it, do it simulation, allowing learners to fail in a sandbox like environment.

04 - HD Supply: White Cap

Account Managers

This client wanted to launch a new system and process to veteran account managers. Since associates were experts at their jobs, we chose animation to tell the story more comprehensively. 


05 - hd supply

Journey Mapping

The client wanted to introduce a new process for project management to its entire line of business. I interviewed every role and responsibility and streamlined their process for better productivity.

06 - your comforters

Brand and Identity

This client wanted a simple yet impactful identity to stand out in the transportation industry. We worked closely to discover emotion behind the brand and all that encompassed the customer experience.

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