5 Thingos to Help You Gain Focus in 2016 and Keep those Resolutions!

Cheers to the New You! The old has now passed away! Yayyy! Do you feel it too? The hoop-la about setting a New Year’s resolution? The massive weight loss goals? The getting organized promise? Hey, I’m a stickler for fresh starts, but did you know nearly half of us are making New Year’s resolutions, yet less than 10 percent of us are actually keeping them? Why is that? Lack of motivation? Lack of support? Lack of resources? Loss of interest? Whatever your lack, here are 5 Thingos to help you gain focus, dig deep, and remember the reason you set your resolution in the first place.

Thingo 1: Don’t be Unrealistic - Make it Attainable

Let’s be real, you’re not going to become a millionaire in a year, if you’re not currently a “hundred-aire”. I’m not putting a damper on your dreams, but setting more attainable goals may increase your chances of actually accomplishing them. I was talking with a friend the other day, and he told me he was starting a new business. This business of course would boost his finances and sky-rocket him past a million in less than 3 months. I smiled and said ok, how will you make your first thousand? He couldn’t tell me. Although there are some fast millionaires out there, if you want to maintain your sanity and stay focused on the more important things in life, try chunking your large goal into smaller achievable goals. For this gentleman, I suggested figuring out his first $1,000 before he got distracted by the million. Slow down, take a breather, and take it one chunk at a time. It’ll keep you on the right path and help you measure in case you need to tweak your goal just a little. :)

Thingo 2: Don’t Give Up – Celebrate the Small Successes

Stop complaining and celebrate what you’ve accomplished! Setting goals is the first step, now all you have to do is move forward into the direction of the goal. I’ve motivated many people to get off their rump and just do something. That’s always the first step in moving forward, to move. Most resolutions start with a spark of belief that you can truly “Do It” but most people falter the moment they’re hit with a challenge. That’s why it’s extremely important to be realistic and set smaller goals to reach your ultimate goal. Trying to lose 20lbs? Celebrate loosing 5lbs and keep trucking! Once “one chunk” is completed, you are one step closer to reaching your goal. All you have to do is keep going.

Thingo 3: Don’t Do It Alone – Accountability keeps you Aware

No one should have to do anything alone. Surround yourself with people who will motivate and encourage you. Never hang in a crowd with folks that just bring you down. I remember working with a girl a few years ago, and it seemed everything she said was negative. She blamed everything and everyone: the weather, politics, the job, her dog, I mean the list went on and on. She never accepted responsibility for anything. Having a conversation with her drained “all” of me and I only listened. I can’t begin to imagine what it must feel like to believe some of that stuff. The environment was toxic. I challenged her with positivity every chance I got, and when I left, she told me I encouraged her to do things she never thought she would ever do. She became aware of her negativity, and worked towards changing her “one-sided” behavior. Surround yourself with people who will entice you to be more, want more, and do more.

Thingo 4: Don’t Plan, You Plan to Fail

We’ve all heard it. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Yep, I’m a witness, a low-down-last-minute-optimistic procrastinator. I admit, I have done some of my most creative work under pressure, but my best work has always been “because of the plan.” You won’t get very far if you don’t know where you’re going. That’s what planning is all about. Figuring out where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

Thingo 5: Don’t Tell Yourself You Can’t

Stop. Let’s get one thing straight. Either you can or you can’t. Either way, they’re both the truth. If you’re having a hard time completing something, instead of focusing on what you “can’t” do, try focusing on what you “can” do and use that to your advantage. You’ll be surprised what you really can do, if you only believed you could.

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